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Dips & Pate

Centro Tartufi truffle pates

Centro Tartufi Truffle Pâtés

For more than two thousand years, Truffles have been one of the rarest and most prized delicacies in the world. Italy is the worlds biggest provider and a well-kept secret is that Molise is one of the main centres.

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Colavita Vegetable Pates

Colavita Vegetable Tapenades

Colavita, the company renowned for its superb olive oils and preserved vegetables, have created a range of delectable vegetable tapenade's that bring out the flavours of the Mediterranean. There are six delicious varieties, each with fresh flavours to make a quick and easy bruschetta, ideal for antipasto platters, canapés, pasta sauce or an accompaniment to meats, fish or salads.

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