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Colavita Pesto alle Genovese

Colavita Pesto alle Genovese

From the home of the finest, 100% Italian olive oil, Colavita brings you another pure, fresh product from the gardens of the pristine Molise region of Italy. Colavita Pesto is made with only fresh, natural ingredients, just as you would use at home – fresh basil, pine nuts and parmesan and of course the finest Colavita all-Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – blended in the traditional method first discovered in the Ligurian city of Genova. Colavita Pesto is delicious mixed in with your favourite pasta or gnocchi, spread on crusty bread, as a condiment with roast lamb or baked with fish. The fresh flavours of Italy are captured for you by Colavita and are ready to use anytime in as many ways as your imagination will allow.

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Zuccato Pesto

Zuccato brings us more natural and fresh products; Pesto alla Genovese (Green Pesto) and Pesto Rosso (Red Pesto). Pesto all Genovese  - Very aromatic, made with fresh basil, crushed pine and cashew nuts, extra virgin olive oil, Grana Padano DOP and Pecorino cheese. Pesto Rosso - Mellow but intense, made with rich Mediterranean sun-dried tomatoes, blended with sunflower and extra virgin olive oil, cashew nuts and Grana Padano DOP.

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