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Tuna has become one of the most popular and healthy varieties of fish on the market. High in protein and Omega 3, the star of sushi, and a favourite ingredient of celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay, tuna has certainly conquered the culinary world.

What's more, Yellowfin tuna is low-fat and flavoursome, with only 125 calories and 0.5 grams of fat per 100g of raw product. You can see why canned tuna has become a smart and healthy 'lunch' option.

The flip side is that global commercial fishing means some species, like the Yellowfin tuna, are now in short supply across Italy and Spain. Which means brands like Italy's Delicius are now sourcing some of their catch from Columbia, which continues to meet the Delicius standard of superior quality seafood.

In order to preserve future tuna stocks in the Eastern Pacific waters, Latin-American nations like Colombia are supporting an annual two month ban on tuna fishing.

The ban is an important measure to avoid the collapse of valuable stocks of Yellowfin, Bigeye and Skipjack Tuna which has confronted the tuna fishing industry in recent years.

But, rest assured that no matter where our Yellowfin tuna is caught, with Delicius you can count on our quest for the best.

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